Egging On

31 Jul 2013

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m anticipating a Ben Stiller movie.

14 Feb 2013

Live action Wreck-it Ralph in 60 seconds…. ENJOY!

23 Dec 2012

Hund i Himlen - Animated short that runs for 25 minutes. Video has subtitles. Please donate so films like these kepp being made.

22 Dec 2012

Disturbing yet beautiful holiday greeting served by Cyriak

31 Oct 2011

Thriller Father Daughter Dance - Yeah, I’m crying right now because I’m sure dad would’ve done this if I asked.

31 Oct 2011

Duck Pimples a 1945 creepy short from Disney.

30 Aug 2011

Flash Mob as an advertising tool in Mexico

29 Aug 2011

Missing @Mesmero This reminded me of you, both music and visuals.

(via “AANAATT” by Max Hattler)

29 Aug 2011

Video for a mellow great song by Art vs. Science with animation by Peter Lowey.

(via “With Thoughts” by Peter Lowey)

7 Aug 2011

Who do you want to learn cut out animation from? Terry Gilliam, of course!